Soft Tissue Surgery

  1. Abdominal surgery for conditions of the spleen, liver, pancreas, gastrointestinal tract, urogenital system, and colorectal organs including foreign body removal, gastric dilatation-volvulus [GDV] correction, abdominal tumor removal, gallbladder removal/repair, hernias of the abdominal wall.
  2. Thoracic surgery including procedures for conditions of the lungs, trachea, chest wall, diaphragm and esophagus.
  3. Ear, nose, and throat surgery, including surgeries for brachycephalic syndrome, tracheal collapse, laryngeal paralysis, end-stage ear canal disease (otitis externa), and ear polyps.
  4. Minimally invasive surgery, employing laparoscopy, thoracoscopy, cystoscopy, and tracheoscopy for common conditions such as gastropexy, bladder stone removal, and tracheal stenting.